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1. My kitchen. It seems that part of our apartment won't be just wasted space anymore. A recent foray to the Food Network channel and hubby and I are re-energized regarding all things cooking-wise. We had fallen into this terrible rut of eating out every night, mainly because we were too exhausted from tough days at work to even consider going into the kitchen at all. But in the last week we've prepared more meals at home that at anytime in the previous 6 months. Suddenly preparing meals is fun and kind of exciting.

2. Indian food. Tonight we did go out, at the invitation of friends, to try Indian food. I'd had it once years ago and Rob had never had it. We were both feeling adventurous (once again, thanks to the Food Network) and ordered tons of stuff we'd never heard of and it was all incredibly delicious! For those of you in the LA area, try "The Clay Oven" Indian restaurant on Ventura Blvd.

3. The Food Network. Should have started with this. We never stopped on that channel before, but amazing stuff can be found there. I know we're late to this particular party, but "Iron Chef" is a lot of fun, and educational, for those you us who want to try different things, food wise. Also we saw some great specials "The World Baking Competition" and "The Pillsbury Bake-Off." More fun and suspense than you'd think.

4. My cat likes ice cream. One of my cats, Maus, has suddenly discovered a craving for human food. Especially ice cream. She will actually beg for it. I usually don't indulge her, but I do give her about an eighth of a teaspoon on occasion, she loves it so.

5. Zuma. A stupidly addictive game downloaded to my phone by my husband after I discovered it on his phone. I can't even describe it here, but I have an intense love/hate relationship with it and I'm trying not to get addicted.

6. Temeraire. The name of a perfectly lovely dragon in a new book series that I am reading. " I just finished the first novel "His Majesty's Dragon." Though didn't like everything about the author's style, she captivated me from the first chapter. Amazing concept - dragons makeup the air force of the 19th century. The stroy takes place in England during the Napoleonic wars. While reading it I kept thinking "Peter Jackson should direct this." Now as it turns out, he will be, as he has optioned the rights to the novel. This is that author's first novel and she must be on cloud nine. Her name is Naomi Novik and I highly recommend the first book. I can't vouch for the others, but I intend to buy the next one very soon.

That's it so far...more discoveries to come.


Back from WDW quickie vacation

Survived the near hurricane that never was in Orlando. Just had to endure some rainy afternoons.

The trip was great and much fun was had by Rob myself and our friends and their little boy, who recently learned to talk. This was alternately fun and tiring. Fun when he would put sentences together like "Lydie gone"(referring to our French waitress on whom he had developed a crush, and said with a wistful voice when she would leave to take care of other diners. Tiring after the 50th time in an hour that he repeated Rob's name.

Toddlers, gotta love them...

Anyway the trip was fabulous. We stayed in the wonderfully exotic Animal Kingdom Lodge. The service there was not up to Disney standards, but the hotel was stunning. Our room was okay, but not worth the money we paid for it.

The Animal Kingdom park was a very nicely themed wild animal park. The staff was knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. The animals were interesting and beautiful. The rides were, well, rides. The roller coaster Expedition Everest, was fantastic (we rode it three times) and Rob filmed it.

MGM Studios was fun and I wished we could have gone back for a second day in that park. We ate at the Brown Derby and had a very cool and helpful waiter and a great lunch.

We rode the Rock -n- Roller coaster which, well, rocked and the Tower of Terror which is so much better than the one in Anaheim. I'd forgotten how much more work they put into drawing you in.

There was much more, including listening to a fun band called Off Kilter, a Canadian Celtic/rock band that performs in Epcot that was fun for me and Rob. Put it this way, I stopped for the kilts and we stayed for the music.

More later.

Second entry

Okay, so journal keeping is not my forte. I guess I have a hard time thinking that I have anything interesting to say. But here goes, just off the top of my head:

I had an audition today. Role: high school counselor in a student film. No pay, but copy and credit. I'll take it.

In other news:

"V is for Vendetta" - Saw it Friday night. Not bad. Not fabulous, but not bad. Fine performances, which I really appreciate, and it looked great. But the script was slow and heavy handed. First half of the film worked better than the second half. I was hoping for something as amazing as "The Matrix" (first film only), but no such luck. I think it'll be a while.

Currently reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." So far it is beautiful, but sad.

Just finished reading "Guards! Guards!" by Terry Pratchett. It's one of the many books that takes place in the "Discworld" series, which was I was introduced to by a good friend (who is also responsible for introducing me to the works of Lois McMaster Bujold - thanks Mike). If you haven't read any of Pratchett's works try one out. They are brilliant and funny, especially if you're into sci-fi and/or fantasy. Douglas Adams fans would love them. I've read a few of them at this point (of which Reaper Man" and "Wyrd Sisters" are my favorites) and I have yet to be disappointed.

Saturday: I saw some stand up comics at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach as a part of a birthday celebration for a friend. All four comics and the magician were really very funny. I was kind of surprised. Some rough stuff though. Sometimes I felt guilty for laughing, but that is my particular quirk.

Afterward, my husband invited people over to our place, not realizing that I had trashed the place getting ready for the party, another quirk of mine. I freaked out on the way home, wanting to make sure we got there before the last minute guests arrived so I would have time to make the place halfway presentable. Barely got there in time, but we managed to at least make sure that things were not in total disarray and that we had some snacks and drinks available. Of course, I was nervous until about five minutes before everyone left, but once again, that's me.

Hollywood Hunk I'm currently obsessing over: Vin Diesel. Never noticed him that much before, but he has a new movie coming out so he's hitting all the talk shows. Beautiful human male specimen, I must say.




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